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Une exode tt width 604 height 403 crop 0 bgcolor 000000 lazyload 0 article

Les Inrocks - “Exode” : quand les réfugiés filment leur propre enfer

Les Inrocks - “Exode” : quand les réfugiés filment ...

O dear white people facebook article

"Dear White People" : le reboot du film de Justin Simien en série déçoit

Critique de la série Netflix Dear White People.

6cyvl0skat article

What Is French Cinema Anyway?

Eric Rohmer showed us how to make a French movie French, but what comes after that is anyone's guess

13th the 2016 003 khalil muhammad original article

The 13th review: Ava DuVernay shines a light on America’s slavery loophole

America’s swollen prison population is a great place to find captive labour. Ava DuVernay’s documentary brings this spectre of slavery out of the closet.

C60cow5wyaaze4c article

The opposite of “Mirror Girl”: Notes for an impossible biopic : Open ...

(How to write about Lil’ Kim now that she has been deemed obsolete by the course of time, and, more importantly, now that she has radically betrayed herself by altering her appearance?

How to “visualize” this dysmorphia, this inability to see herself (which would be the dramatic parts of the biopic) without falling into psychological simplicity, without letting her pathologies overdetermine her story and without losing sight of her capacity for reinvention throughout her career. As much as I feel like I know her, that I can do her justice, there is an aspect of her that remains and will remain mysterious.

Longform original 815 1462553048 3 article

Nina Simone, Zoe Saldana et moi

Le casting de Zoe Saldana dans le rôle de Nina Simone est un reflet volé à la petite fille que j’étais, et à tant d’autres aujourd’hui.

635862618426516433941350302 gif article

The Sassy Slapstick of Raven-Symoné in That's So Raven — cléo

Despite the show’s popularity and the recognition of Raven-Symoné’s comedic gift, it’s surprising that That’s So Raven and its star have not garnered much critical attention from feminists and/or slapstick comedy enthusiasts. A lot has been written about the Disney sitcom, but its success has almost always been measured in terms of numbers: the 100th episode milestone, the record number of viewers, the money made from the merchandising. Is it Raven-Symoné’s race, her gender, her age, the channel on which the show was broadcast—and thus its intended audience, tween girls—that can explain this inattention? It’s most likely some combination of all of the above. But also, because of the transgressive nature of their craft, physical comediennes have been notoriously erased from the canon of slapstick, both dissuaded from entering the space of comedy and excised from its history, and a young comedienne like Raven-Symoné was even more vulnerable to such erasure. Put another way: who takes t(w)een girls seriously?

Une studio de la terreur 1 tt width 1600 height 1067 crop 1 bgcolor 000000 lazyload 0 responsive 1 article

Propagande: comment Daech instrumentalise la pop ...

Comment Daech instrumentalise la pop culture pour recruter et terroriser le monde.

1473353978illo muse by mia coleman fanta sylla black film syllabus article

The Black Film Syllabus

A critical movie lover’s starter pack.

Thu thus shein article

Thu Thu Shein On Myanmar's Budding Industry, Value of ...

Thu Thu Shein On Myanmar's Budding Industry, Value ...

Appleinmyeye article

New French Film On the Challenges Facing Today's Generation ...

New French Film On the Challenges Facing Today's Ge...

Barbarians article

Life On the Margins: How This Filmmaker Captured Youth Culture in Yugoslavia

In the tradition of Ken Loach and the Yugoslav Black Cinema from the 60s, Ikić is taking a social realist approach to his examination of Europe’s changing urban landscape.

Fatima article

Fatima - review

Philippe Faucon’s films, especially his more recent ones, which focus on the French-Arab experience, show an affection for domestic workers, their gestures and the spaces their bodies navigate.

Muhammad ali article

Muhammad Ali's Radicality

Muhammad Ali's on-screen representation

Tumblr o64xz9lf8o1qc3ni5o3 r1 500 article

Watching Beyoncé's Lemonade and Mati Diop's A Thousand Suns

On Beyoncé's Lemonade, Mati Diop's A Thousand Suns and the search of a cinematic ancestry.